New Year, new me… oh snap… :D

I know, I know…. most of You would recommend me to check the date in calendar as I am few months late for that :D

Well, it was one of the things I wanted to do this year, and somehow…. I had no time until now. Signed for a gym, started to play volleyball again and also got myself a magic blender to mix myself some healthy things (wonder how mixed BigMac would taste like :D )

So from now on, I am trying to be a better hooman and like myself a bit more, ‘cos as they say: My body, my temple…so it’s time to build a better place to live in than this half-wrecked tent :D

Do not expect from me much guys, as League season is still not over :D so in next 13 days I’ll be still trying to get something from it… something more than just demoted to lower tier ofc :D and then…. then re-building myself :D

I feel, like I’ll need a lot of support in doing that :D although I’ll keep You posted guys ;)

…till next time ;)

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