My first match…

Well, I’ll tell you about yesterday…….

Well, yesterday was my first match. No, not talking about League, cos as you know, I am playing that game for a while. I am talking about volleyball, which I joined recently. Ok ok, to be honest, I’ve been to 5 trainings so far…

Also, get you in the picture, I use to play volleyball before, when i was younger (lot younger). Used to have 3 trainings a week, with 1 match at weekend, sometimes had 2-phased trainings over summer. Well, now reduced to 1 training a week on Thursdays. Used to play libero (aka. position that switch with mid-player to play and defend when mid player rotate to back line).

So back to yesterday…. As coach said, we should meet at gym at 11:15 to warm up and set everything up. Waking up was kind of funny, as I was up till 6am due the Worlds Championship, which took full 5 games (damn you Samsung Galaxy!!!! can’t blame SKT cos… big fan, big fan :D #GoFaker). So, after fulfilling 2 and half hour of sleep i woke up to prepare for my match. Took shower and shave (half of my face only, which i realised on way to match :D ). To counter my nervous mind I decided to stop at shop on my way. Cos needed eat as was lacking the sleep already, eating was very important.

Arrived first… about 15 minutes earlier (because I can!!!). Sitting, silently eating my food, the glass doors pouring in midday light got dark… from some cloud shadow i guessed… Oh boy, how wrong I was… The whole opponent team was waaaay to close to 2m of average heigh. Me sitting there with my tiny 170cm +/- somehow forecasted our chances to win. Well, the future did not look so bright…

When we all started to warming up, getting in our jerseys (I was granted with number 1, yeeee), seen them playing some football-kind of game. Was not sure if they know what kind of match are we going to play in few minutes. After few minutes when we start warming our setter, seen, that the highest/biggest one is left handed…. which is saying a lot about dodgy balls flying in my face direction….

Everything until the first whistle looks like they are on PRO level for several years already. To be very honest, every team made few mistakes, and they did not look so hard to beat anymore. Sadly, we lost (shocking!). Although, we managed to make few points, scared them to lose few sets, but… NO :( , we did not. I was broken, still broken a bit as I hate to loose (blame my Leo star sign). From now on, I decided to train harder, to be even better. I don’t want to be responsible for losing any points anymore. Every ball I’ll play, will be perfect (or close to perfect), so I can be satisfied, even if we loose.

Funniest part of the day was just coming anyway…. After a loss, I was sitting down tired, sweaty, hungry, sad and was asked to be 2nd referee for next women match. Done it few times before, but not after my own match. Girls were playing better than we did. Nice, organised game on both sides. Makes me feel bit bad about my play. Also.. about 2 sets in I start to pray for finish already, as my back start to hurt from just standing on one spot, without any movement. Oh God, no more referee, I promise.

So, first match was not going as nice as expected. Same as most of my “first times”. :D Will end this up with…”Maybe next time….” :D :D

Speak to You guys later ;)

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