Opening my first e-shop

Well, day as any other… oh, no wait… it’s holiday time… As most of you know, these days having a holidays means spending it on catching on something, that you have no time during your normal working weeks. Same goes for me. Working in busy transport office (includes every second Saturday as well), makes me too pre-occupied to actually start my own business. I am not saying it’s hard to start one, no way, especially in UK, where there is at least a dozen of government agencies teaching and helping new business starters the know-how about a business. What comes hard for me is a free time for my business.

To start from beginning, me and my friend opened a custom made kitchens limited company. Went for several business courses, VAT trainings etc. etc. Both manually skilled, to create and design a kitchen is no big deal for us. Big deal came to the point where people would like to rather see already made kitchens than just a color samples of materials. Yes, when it comes to the showroom, we are lacking on that, as our business is just a part time hobby for us, as we both have full time daily jobs (as everyone needs a bills to be paid, right? :D ). So far we made few kitchens already, which I am so proud of.. especially of this one. ->



On our path to well-known (we wish :D) business, we overtake few obstacles that brought some real head-scratching. But, everything we promised to our customers, we accomplished. That’s a must if  You ever think about successful business. In the progress of working and working harder on your days off, I made a website, something that every company should have, especially in this internet era. OMG, when I look back, that page was a mess! :D But, it had our name, pictures of… everything :D and lots of to offer to customers (that’s what we though ). Probably because it was my first little official page, I was proud of it and overlook the catastrophe in the code. But, it worked in case of visitors count, not that much in orders from potential customers. So we had to change it. After about 2 weeks of nearly sleepless nights and loads of YouTube “how-to” videos, I’ve build 2  different versions of website for us. As we started to think about importing a range of furniture as well, we had to offer an e-shop on site as well. In case You don’t know what to do with your free time, categorizing a warehouse-load of items into a page sounds like good idea to kill some time :D. I can tell You from my personal experience, I am glad it’s over now. So, back to the websites I made. After I sweat myself through the process of coding and making sure its compatible for all sorts of internet browsers, my business partner decided, that it will be easier to choose one of the e-shop platforms, which are pre-made and easy to maintain (oh, how dare him….but, how stupid from me not to look at this option before aaargh…). So, yeah, we opened account with one e-shop site and booom, I’ve made a website/e-shop in 30 minutes.


So, for last few weeks/months, when I found some free time, I’ve been working on e-shop with our suppliers, consulting my options with my good friend Linda (aka internet God for me). And here is the result:

My holidays are over by the end of this week, which gives me time to finish the e-shop, and also lot of work on this blog I made for You my friends.

Well, until next time, when, I hope, I will bring You something interesting to read once again ;)

Thanks for coming/reading ;)


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