Time of the Year again…. !!!!


Well, it’s the lovely time of the year, when we all overheating our brain apparatus following to try to find, buy or create something for our loved ones.

This year we are holding a Secret Santa thingie in our company. For people who do not know what it is: Names in hat, you pull a name and you are going to gift that name (to that person with that name :D ) a Christmas gift. Obviously, all in secret, noone should know who pulled what name out of hat.

So, as I was on holiday, one of my colleagues did the name pulling act for me. Oh what a shock when I saw the name on the pic sent to me. It was her… for me the most beautiful girl I might or might not have a crush on. The coincident. Not going to say I was not kind of happy, because I already know quite a lot more about her than about others from work :D which makes my gift-hunting less troublesome.

For those thinking, Hey, this should be Secret Sa…hold right there!!! The chance anyone from my real life surrounding going to read this is so small, that You my dear friend, have better chance to win lottery. Even tho, I am not going to spoil it with pictures. I will reveal it all in later post for sure.

Anyway, so with all this time I had on my hands and all-knowing internet I sorted out the (best-she-ever-got) gift for her. We were budget limited, but when it comes to gifting people I like, I don’t mind to spend a little more. Because, that’s the right way, how the money should be spend.

Right now, have to just wait for the right moment ( I believe it’s the company Christmas party) to deliver my gift.

And You have to wait for the results with me…

Wish me luck that she would like it ;)

See You all next time my friends…

Michael M.

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