My custom made gaming table…

Hello my friends,

it’s been a while since I report to You ;) so I am here, I am back with s show-off story about my custom made table. There would be more pictures than annoying letters :D (sorry for that).

As I said before I am a furniture/custom kitchen business owner, which was one of the reasons why I decided to build up my own table.

As most gamers know, having a good, spacious table is something You can wish for. I had few tables before, where, which one of them carried some issue within….. which You usually find out sooner or later. My tables issue came up, when i bought new NeedForSeat chair…and suddenly – the table shrinked :D

By coincident, I had discovered an amazing company that does some glass printing, which really fascinated me. But nothing is good unless You test the product, somehow, so this table idea came handy right in.

As a League of Legends lover, the theme was obvious, but…. I had to decide which picture to print on. OMG, what a crazy idea to choose from all the great fan arts… All pictures were amazing, but i choosed the LOL logo on black background as most of my stuff in room is black as well, to contrast together a bit. To recommend You all, make sure the picture You choose has appropriate resolution for the size of the printed area… vector pictures are perfect. Changed the contain of my final-desk-file.jpeg several times trying to reach the best quality. After several controls and tests I’ve sent my file to printers….. and this was what they sent me back few days later:glass

Yes, You can imagine how excited I was when I’ve seen the quality of the picture on the glass. Now, had to start building the table to hold this piece of art. For beginning I bet on simple wooden chassis. I swear i measured the chair and old table at least 20 times, still projected table too small for the chair :D Therefore I had to change the table legs later on, but the effect was worth of the change. Added a little hook under the top wooden plate, to hold my wireless headphones (well, now it’s just a lonely hook under table as I’ve bought nice headphones holder/stand to aesthetically fill in some empty space on table). In the end I think  I did a pretty ok work on it, modded PC case to follow early next year, sadly it’s not very high on the priority list :(

OK, now just few more pictures of the table and I hope You like what I’ve created.

Till next time my friends ;)



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