One must love this place….

Hi my dear friends,

Nearly midnight here. Came from work few hours ago. Still quite fuming from situations from last few days…. Oh, can’t wait till next week…. last holiday I had to take, including relax, no stress, driving licence test and away league match in middle of the week.

Right now I am full of emotions and should calm down before  I put anything on net, but…. hellooooo, thats meee. :D To make the story right, I have to tell you or the previous details, so You know why all the negative rays from my brain cells.

There has been some promotions recently (read -> few months ago). As people getting promoted, they usually being replaced by some new comers or so. And one of our guys been promoted to lets say manager. So, a vacation advert has been posted on wall. And because I am career hungry person (hahahaha), I’ve applied for that spot. Deadline: 14th of October. Prepared and tailored the CV for this moment with one of my colleagues. It has been noted down and like after deadline…. comes the quiet part…. loooong quiet time. Some of the managers spoke to me about my oncoming interview, that we will do it later and so on and so on, but due to busy times, we postponed it most of time. Then my 2 weeks holiday started, ended, and still nothing :D So I mentioned it in my manager, and was told we will do it later. During this period I got very nice support of some people from office who really want to see me working with them.




So, back to present days. Yesterday been asked into the smaller office by 2 of my managers. I wanted to talk about some work stuff as well, so I thought that’s the reason of our chat. Oh boiii, how wrong I was. :D  I had been told another person is leaving our office and as the busiest time of the year is coming, we are desperate for “body” to work/replace her, as she took her last holidays. So I nod like “Ye, definitely we will need someone to help”. Don’t know where I got the confidence, that they are talking about me!!!!  OOps, spoil alert!!! YES!!!!! They told me in 2 hours there will come a guy who know nothing about this office and will be trained, while me (who knows the office up and down) will be still doing my job away from there. Then the darn question came! “Are You OK with that?” I mean….Are YOU FOR REAL!!!! My brain absolutely shut down, so my reaction was nice and calm…. because I am nice person :D so I said of course  I am ok… Then the rain of acid words continued, melting my brain even more….. Also, about your interview, main boss did some interviews already, remind me tomorrow, and we try to get you yours…… HELLO…..there is a guy coming for training ALREADY TODAY!!!!!!!!! That was the time when common sense left my body totally and I stood there taking my emotional punishment.

So, for the rest of the day I did my work, ignored most of stuff around me, can tell, I mastered tunnel vision for that day.

Today came to work as usual, not thinking about things that happened yesterday. As I walked in the office, first thing I’ve seen, was that our boss had visit from another site, so that was farewell to my today’s interview. That pumped my pressure a bit, but I concentrated on my work, as I am dedicated no matter what… most of time :D

It was horrible, busy day today, I can tell You. Many requests from main office, for different drivers, for different reasons. My place was sometimes quite chaotic, but I managed to hold on and get everything under control by the end of the day. As day progress, I have to go to main office several times a day…. to see new guy sitting side-by-side a girl I have crush on. Smiling, laughing, sharing child stories… well…You know… I know I am stupid in this way, because she is not only different league to me, but different dimension.

Later today been asked to go to office once again, which I was curious about why. Maybe some news about my interview. I don’t know where all this positive thinking is coming from, but I was wrong again. Been told off for the state of office I am running downstairs. Some issues that has been raised are not even in my hands, but it’s easy to punish someone, who is responsible for daily run of that place down there. Don’t get me wrong, if I f@ck up something, I have no problem to take all the responsibility for my actions. But lately, I have feeling, that it’s easier to blame me, than really look for the cause of the problems. After all, we filled two A4 pages of notes, what is good or not in our processes and what we going to do from now on. I have to tell You my friends, in office, everyone is sending e-mails, sign or refuse to do anything unless there is a written mention about anything, just to cover their asses. Understandable, just, it’s making my work so much harder, due so much useless paperwork. Well, if it helps to improve the process, I don’t mind anyway.

In the end of our hour long session, I’ve been told that this Friday, they would tell me the results about the office position and how all the other things will roll on from there.

Well, fingers crossed, maybe I still have chance for the job. Yes, still want the position, as I still believe, that I can change much more from there. Just need to keep my enthusiasm high and emotions dead. :D


Thanks for reading my friends. More positive news coming next week, when I am having week off the work and some photo-shoot to local newspaper maybe.


Be with You soon again…. ;)



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