Do not judge me, I consider myself lucky one..

Wooo-hoooo my friends,

I know, I know…. just have this song in my ears, I am happy and full of adrenaline same time…therefor the excitement. :D

I am in middle of my holidays ( yes, more holidays in December for me, cos had none the whole year!) and I am about to report with the situation. It’s not like there is nothing happening to me the days I do not write here, but for short stories, there is Facebook. So, I was spamming my Instagram with some foodie and smoothies again (yes, my food got more likes than my face) and got invitation to some nutrition and health group… Yeeeee, finally I may contribute to a bigger social circle, and hopefully motivate them or others to reach their goals. I know, You think… how cynical is that from a procrastinator like me… but I have always perfect excuses why not reaching my goals.. hahahaha just joking… I am just lazy :D

Well, over Christmas I will be extremely busy in work, with work, lets add few more work work work to build up the work extremism picture here. DONE! Working Christmas day, possibly Boxing Day as well…..well, why not… I can tell You… Unemployed is not a friendly status next to my name. :D Especially in this times, You kind of follow everything what Your boss say. And of course most of my friends travel for Christmas to see their families or having different family activities. So being in work will make ma day go faster. And MONEYYYYY, wait… scratch that… money (not making that much that I could shout out loud like that :D )

On Sunday I’ve been in work to finish my secret Santa quest. Spent there 4 hours omg. It should be short gift wrapping afternoon in empty office, well it changed into some debriefing and packing other stuff thing. But holidays, so I did not care much, not even after I was attacked by gang of teenagers on way home. Cycle home, hoodie on, friendly mood, when I’ve seen 6-8 guys on bikes in front of me with loud music and proper attitude problem. Put my invisible coat on and tried to overtake them by pedestrians path… Felt invincible, until I realised my invisible coat must be faulty as I heard one of them ask others: Is that him?

I have to make a short break here. I do not make enemies, friends anything. I rarely go out or talk to strangers. So deep in my soul I believed they are not talking about me. Oh I was wrong :D ok, back to story :D

“Yes, that’s him!” was the answer from someone from the group. When I heard “Get him!” I was already thinking about my epitaph. Some of them tried to block me with their bikes but keeping calm (still dunno how I managed that) helped me to be a better biker at that moment. In few meters there was main road where all their actions actually stopped and I felt like a hero for a while (ok, for rest of the day).

On Monday I had few plans, well, they failed cos I am lazy (shocking). No, actually I manage to do some of them, so kind of proud of myself for that. Also an empty note from delivery company was delivered as well to my doors. 1 Parcel…I was like, ok, expected a little bit more than that, but gave the guy second chance tomorrow. Also Monday passed by quite fast. Cooked, cleaned, played boom…day gone.

On Tuesday went to the gym for the first time to do my thumb scan for access. The gym looks fantastic. Done some shopping on way back and realised the town centre is not that far actually from my house (15-20 minutes by walk). Found another empty note from delivery guy. 1 Parcel….man how hard it is to write at least a phone number where to get my parcel. I would come to collect, save him from coming everyday to my house. Went to Facebook local community page and asked if anyone know who is the delivery guy for “unnamed” delivery company. I did not know that I just opened gates of hell, cos few hours later more and more people comment on my question how horrible the service is. At that moment I start feeling sorry for that poor man.

On Wednesday early morning the parcel was delivered. As I was curious from the beginning of this cause, as the only thing I was expecting to be delivered is my custom tailored shirt, which is not due for next two weeks. When I got the package, I realised the name. It was for neighbor not me! All my interests were gone in seconds. Time to go to gym. To relax and start my “new me” program. In the morning the gym was not packed much, so I could enjoy my work-out. Not a hard one as we had our match in the evening. Oh, I can tell You my friends, the pump-up feeling after few minutes there was something I missed a lot. Not a bad practice for a first day (my arms still hurts :D ). Maybe I should have go a little bit easier on myself, cos the match in the afternoon was absolute catastrophe.

I did similar like this…

At first, nobody told me we going to travel for 1.5 hour. I did not wanted to go there, not even play any game after such travel. We changed and entered the hall to play. First thing that scared the hell out of me was the floor… You would hardly find worse surface I played volleyball on. This one was solid…something. Got the parquets imprint on top but was pure asphalt or something. Yes, it hurts a bit when You dived :D

In the first set we destroyed them. Won it with difference of 10 points I think. Well, nobody expected what was coming. Booom, 8:1 in few hits. we started to loose so fast. Team morale started to decline and my reception sucked the energy out of me. The service was easy, not hard, but everytime I catched the ball, it just go high (as intended of course) but not forward to our setter. To be honest, I hate when I fail on things. And I kept trying harder and harder. Spike! boom! caught it with easy, but ball just bounced in front of me. Something is wrong, something needs to change and I already know what. My training system is bad. Right now, we are playing just one level under national league. If we win this league, we will be playing national. And I do not consider myself nowhere close to that level, so need to work my ass off. Because I can. And if it needs to be me carrying my teammates on my back and do the reception by myself, I will. Because that’s why I am doing this sport. To prove I am, We are, better than the rest of the league.

The mood on way back home was not the best. People were disappointed in others, in themselves, in coach. Overall, was a bad match night. Arrived home at midnight. All I was thinking about now was my test on Thursday morning for my driving license (yeeeee). Tried about 4 tests on net to see if I am ready. Reading 50% in red colours was significant NO! Blamed the match and went sleep.

In the morning I realised why all early dates and hours were free for whole week. Managed to get shower and get myself on the road to success :D if I can call it that way. Arrived to the test center about 15 minutes earlier. Started to sweat when I realised I know nothing :D Now is the time. All or nothing. Sat down to the computer, done the practice test to understand controls. You have 57 minutes for 50 questions. After 4th question I started to think when will be the best date to check up myself for second try. When finished last question, the clock shows 25 minutes to go. Is that good, is that bad? Well, lost my self-confidence on beginning, so I thought not good. Now, video marathon, a.k.a Hazard reactions something. Watch video, click everytime You see a hazard. The test video shows hazard in clouds and leafs on trees as well. Was about ready to click the mouse to death. Car drives on straight road, nothing is happening…. felt strange so I clicked randomly in middle of video to get points for trying (if there is such option). I swear I must look like a person who lost his will to live after I left the computer room to get my results. Get to the lift and opened the paper to see, as I was expecting “Thank You, Come again!” kind of message.


Oh, how happy I was. Without any hard preparation, weak sleep and bit of stress of failing, I passed! I know, in my age I could be driving for 15 years already, but under circumstances I was unable to do or try to finish any driving school. Now I am on it. It’s time to change my life. And I have to tell You, I am proud I passed on my first try. All I have to do is book my driving exam and pass that thing as well. Because I can! It’s all in my mind. Mindset is very important. So I came home and run to write this little blog to let You all know I am ok, I am happy, I am lucky and that things are not that bad as they looks like. In about 3 hours my friend is picking me up and we go to gym. Wonder what is going to happen until then end of my holidays. But I can tell You, I am looking forward to it.

Hope You having amazing times as well my friends, soon I will be back with more reports and maybe more ;) but keep that secret for now. :P

See You all soon,





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