Merry Christmas


I am back!!! :D

It’s been a while since last post. Well, been busy working….and guess what… will be way more busy working over next few weeks as well. Yes, exactly. When most of people trying to find a way how to spend the most precious time of the year with their own families and loved ones, I have a 6-day schedule for next 3 weeks. Working in food/drink industry is killer!!! Because people do not need new clothes, or electronics everyday…. but hell yeah they need to eat :D

Faaast updates.

2 days ago we finally had a secret Santa day… Theme of the day was to come in the most crazy Christmas jumper. Oh! well… not a jumper person, especially not the Santa/red woolen ones. So my Star wars-y Christmas t-shirt from LootCrate had to be enough (just a note: it was nowhere close to fulfill the expectations of the team :D ).

My gift was liked a lot! :D Oh how honored I felt. She put the t-shirt straight on :D It really makes me happy to make someone happy. And i got a giiiiifts!!!! yeeee. Got a nerf gun!! (guess my lately sad mood they rather go for foam projectiles then real ones :D :D ) and a rubik’s cube! OH, so happy. Still don’t know who was my secret Santa but I like my gifts soo much <3. Only one problem… (see pic below).




So, the problem is…. need to find out who my Santa was, cos I played with the cube, mixed it….and now I want it in the “new” previous phase…and I was always so bad with this things . My last meeting with Rubik’s cube was, when it landed in my face as a result of mine and brothers disagreement on some little thing. Ouch!  Well, I will give it my best and will work it out (me searching for cheating button on cube).

So, tons of work, leaving nearly no free time. Ok, I have some, but in free time I am calculating how many more hours of work till I have finally proper long weekend (it’s 7th of January so long from now on) and I am about to buy a new laptop. Not because my NZXT monster is failing, but because I need something only for work. Where no distractions will be installed and will be mobile. To show and demonstrate at customers and co-workers. Thinking about £700 budged for Asus 17.1″. Well, You sure will know first ;)

That should be all from me for now. Hope You having a fantastic time and doing what You really love in your life. I’ll join that train from start of a new Year.

See You all very soon. I promise.

GL HF! ;)



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