Promises, promises….

Hello my friends…..


Tho I promised You more interactions, I failed badly on this one… :(

But believe me….. there was a legit reason why Janosiiik was hidden from the blog scene for a moment….while….. well… don’t go to the very details about the length of the off time :D

So, as I did not mention before, I decided to do some changes in my life…. and one of the decision was to buy laptop….well…ended with 2 sexy backpack PCs :D :D I know I know…I suck at this as I love technology too much. So first, I got myself a sexy 15″ laptop with finger scanner to keep everything secure…..and the same day of delivery…. my colleague said he is selling his laptop…. and for the price… it was a bargain… so it would be stupid just to let it go. So now I am writing on this lovely silver DELL monster :D 17″ of pure love.

Reason why I decided to buy laptop was to keep all my work on one mobile device, as it’s always easier to walk around with data synchronised and organised by my own rules. It is easier to navigate through it later on. Also can spend more time in bed :P as the amount of time I spend in front of PC in not very nice position is ridiculous (and yes, I’ve already fell asleep on my new laptop while watching movies, no drooling as dreaming!!! :D ).

So, this week also found myself a very good driver instructor, so will proceed with that damn license finally, as I keep postponing for ridiculous reasons. (freedom here I come).

Increased gym session per month (new measurement for counting how many times I went to gym :D ). Nah, not really… been slacking a bit as most of my shifts this 2 months were 11-7 which kept me really unavailable for any outdoor activity. Only thing I managed was my volleyball training and matches. And as for today, we won semifinal match of Rucanor Cup. It costs me half broken finger, lost voice and £5 plaster that is useless. But that’s a price I am willing to pay to reach higher….sadly. Although the beginning of the match wasn’t any cool….. let me tell You why….:

Not sure if I ever told You about one of my housemate. Guy with some drinking problems, and possibly stealing some of my food from fridge. Was thinking I’ll complain about him and might take his room if he will be kicked away for this fooling around, as he got way bigger room than I have and I could produce more stuff for media. So, today, as I was leaving the room, one of other guys told me…. that he PASSED AWAY about 3 days ago….they found him dead in his room… Feels weird, I can tell You…Made me thinking the whole way to the match… But hey… that’s life, You never know when it will come…which brings me to a point when I have to talk to someone before it will be too late :P :P sometime this week I’ll do so ;) Surely I will inform You about the results :D

Btw. FlashWolves just won IEM Katowice…Congratz!!!

Hmmm, seeing this boys on stage reminding me…. I can do same!!!!! but then the horrible Bronze 1 reality kicks in :D :D well, maybe one day :D :D

That’s it from me for now… I’ll report sooner that I promised last time…. I promise :D

P.S. I really will ;)


Laterz guys!!!!





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