Travel has begun – Day 1

Hello my dear friends,

the time has come and we started our travels around the Italy. Well, not really around as only visiting of the few of the most popular cities. As You might already know, I decided to travel a bit with my friend, but I wrote about that in previous post.

So, lets recap what happened so far.

Day 0 – the day before we actually travel, I was prepaired…..who am I kidding…. as You know me as the most popular procrastinator, nothing was ready on time. You can give me deadline in 1 year advanced and I will finish it the night before due :D

Anyway…. I checked in for my flight about 6 hours before the flight :D, packed my stuff 1 hour before the taxi arrived. Also had to upgrade my phone contract to use it abroad…which they told me will be online in about 48 hours…..while I had about 12 hours to flight.


As my friend slept on the bed I choose to sleep on my chair, which is a really good gaming chair, turned out to be a very bad sleeping chair, so I watched most of Iron Fist season 1 :D :D

On airport went everything nice and smoothly, the flight was ok as well. Well, tried to catch up on sleep as I forgot all my red bulls at home. I woke up like every few minutes, but thought it’s ok. Well, I was wrong… a bit…. as my step counter shows 22k steps today. But back to flight. The second we touched ground….touched…felt like the pilot gave up his life in the last seconds of flight as it really felt like he dropped us down like: W/E, my shift here is done :D, so same second I turned my phone on just to realise that no network is available, which really makes me “happy” for the day…. Maybe later…. I hoped, so we continued to approach the airport coach. You need a ticket for bus to get in hall first to get on the bus. Great news as the bus was approaching very soon by the available timetable. We get to the hall to the machine…. Slower than the laptop I write this blog on :D and only in italian…. Thanks God there was only one button I guess, so we managed to get the tickets and get on bus right on time. The driving time was about 15 minutes. IMG_20170329_101520.jpg

We get off the bus into something beautiful!!!!! I don’t think I ever feel so….comfortable in any place I’ve been before, maybe Klaipeda (Lithuania) when I was few years ago. So, we dropped our baggage at the safe point in railstation and we continue walking around town with map in our hands, and my “lightweight” laptop on my shoulder. So much to see, so little time. First stop: Arena. Beautiful place, full of emotions and history. We went straight up to the top to see it all, inside and outside. The weather was amazing, we packed for winter/spring weather but we had about 27 degrees!!!!!!



It was amazing. Only thing I was missing were the lions ripping the gladiators apart :D (just kidding ofc).

From there we went to see Juliet’s House. Thought it will be crowded much more than it really was. Shop owner turned half of his shop window into a iron net, so people can attach the padlocks with messages on it, well he was selling padlocks with special marker pens as well… good business move :D Also the Love wall (or whatever it was) was huge, covered with messages and names.



So, as I said, we were walking and talking and enjoying such lovely city (which I 101% recommend to visit), we did not eat or drink anything yet. And nothing else like Gelatto came to our mind. You know that I speak ice-cream….. but this gelatto was something phenomenal. Thick, full of flavour, and lasted for very long time.



YUM!!!!! (sorry if You craving an Ice-cream now :P )

Next one on the list was Teatro Romano (don’t kill me if I misspelled it). Noone told me it was builded at the mount of Olymp… and need to pass a quest of trillions of steps to reach its gates :D :D. Ok ok maybe not trillion, but I can tell You… was thinking I hit my last hour when I reached the top. :D Although……the View……. #WORTH!!!! Well, You can judge from next few pictures.



Due to the weather and direct sun, we decided to have a beer in the restaurant on the top, right next to this majestic building. They offered us some Rosse beer which was a bit stronger than usual lager. So we chat a bit and really enjoy the beautiful view.

When the time moved a bit and was a time to head back to station to catch our train, we walked slowly and enjoyed the people being so nice to each other (cars stopped the same second You reached the crossing and let You pass! #wow), the beautiful and clean marble streets, the atmosphere of a town with history.


We get our luggage and get on the platform number 10…..walking the passage You have a feeling You are in Las Vegas on top floor President Suite apartment. Nice and clean marble walkway, where any of the panels could be a secret door to oval room! :D

Our train was already parked there so we get on. Clean double floored train with big windows for nice view of the surrounding land. Departure was right on time, same as arrival. I would say that Venice station was more busy, yet smaller.

No matter how prepared You can be, the first view of channels, boat-buses and the amount of the water around, will get You! I present You the very first view I had when I entered Venice:


Even though I have to say that I like Verona better, I am going to stay here for 2 more days, so hopefully there is still a lot to discover.

Went to buy some food and drink. Waiting outside for my friend when one guy approached me with a question if I am waiting for someone. Well, You are not wrong! I am!…. He stood next to me, giving me more smiles and continue conversation. I thought he might be some accidental meet of someone I met somewhere else before….. Oh hell no!!!!!! As second question was if I am his customer for his massage…. I wish I’ve seen my face when he asked that, cos he got the answer from my look for sure. Funny :D :D

Now drinking a beer, eating italian cheese and writing my first report for You guys. Getting ready to sleep, charging the phone up for more photos from our trip (that machinery is now fully operating on an italian network, so have full access to internet and calls YAY!!!) and looking forward to tell You all about it again tomorrow evening, when we will be resting our feet and sharing our experience with my amazing travel partner!!!!


Good night and See You again tomorrow my friends!!!!!!!

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