Travelling continues – Day 2

Here I am my friends,

back again reporting for duty, to tell You about the Italy job :D

The night was…short… early in the morning, we have been woke up by a guy who was checking out really early. Well, it did not stop us from stay in beds for longer anyway. We left hotel at 10-ish, ready for an adventurous day. With a plan in our mind and funky map from a food delivery restaurant we get on the way. Tbh, just follow the masses of tourists and they will always get You somewhere with interesting things to see (stats says that about 50,000 tourist a day pass through Venice #Whaaaaaat ).


The weather was a bit better than yesterday I would say, so I left the jacket in hotel room and took only the long sleeve shirt, but sleeves were rolled up most of the day anyway (more to this will be on the end of this story). We walked a lot and my phone battery died somewhere half through the day, but everything is documented, no worries.

After several tight….very tight streets, we arrived at the Ponte di Rialto (one of the biggest bridges over the Canal Grande. There were even shops on this bridge and hundreds of people posing for a selfies or making photos. View was amazing, which You can judge by Yourself here:



We spent whole day of talking about history (thanks google for making me a smart-ass with your knowledge you provided). Sorry, but I have to tell You that, Venice is build on wooden poles, and the main channel is in some places as deep as 5 meters. I am still thinking about my escape plan if something will collapse into the deeps of the blue.

Anyway…form here we went to see Basilica dei Santi Giovanni e Paolo. We also had a little peek inside. Well, I am not ok with religions much, so I entered carefully, with fear of bursting in flames on my mind. Did not, so I guess I am not that bad person :D


It was huge inside and everything was nicely decorated (wish my hotel was :D ). There was also a list of planned concerts inside, if You were interested to visit them. Well, christian concert I guess. After that..more walking through the tight streets, bridges over channels and around of the shops…the crazy shops. I can tell You that the fashion here is different. I worked in H&M before and can’t tell if there was a more crazy fashion there.(sadly no pics about that: ( )

After a while we did arrived at the San Marco square. OMG!!! Bazzillion people there. That huge, gigantic place was filled with people, but yet I would say, they were very organised, following every rule possible. Asking 21.50 Euros for an hour tour inside was a bit too much, so we took a walk along the seaside on amazing white marble walk.


When we got closer to the sea, the salty sea air hit our nose…. and one other thing… I just realised that without cars the air feels much more clear inside the Venice, tho the motorised boats. Not much gardens/trees tho, but the air, much clearer than I am used to. Sellers of fake handbags on every corner mixed in with masked girls that would probably chase you down the street if You take a photo without paying a penny.

Across the water You can see the Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute. As we had plenty of time and wanted to cover as many sightseeings as possible, we decided to go on other side of the Canal Grande. Navigation through the streets is intuitive and I think it is very hard to get lost, as most of the streets are close to water and You can navigate by the Grand channel.

As we crossed the bridge over the channel, the number of tourist rapidly decreased I would say and place became much more silent.



We then just sat down on the stairs leading into water, talking about history (fist bump Google once again :D) and enjoy a bit of shadow the building provided. Sometimes I felt like the time slowed down and everything became still. This country provided such a mind-reset atmosphere so far I still can not believe.

Then we followed the path around the corner, where we started to look for a Gelato to cool down a bit.


Today we walked a lot, we sat on a bench a lot but we also have seen a lot. Don’t get me wrong, I am pretty sure we still missed like hundreds of other smaller things to see, or to do, but hell yeah I am a happy person to be here right now. In front of a library a girl talked to us. She was from Czech Republic. She heard us speaking so we had a little chat, where we found out, she is studying here via Erasmus. She did not felt great about her italian language knowledge but we encouraged her that everything is possible. Was nice to seen her leaving with huge smile on her face.

The evening we ended up in far corner from the Ponte di Rialto with few cans of beers. Not really sure about the law of drinking in public in Venice, but we managed just about right…until…..until a street seller of flowers did not come to kinda ruin it all. He gave my friend a bunch of roses, which we actually refused. He said it’s the end of his shift and he is going home anyway. I am not the worst person in the world (I guess) so I offered him some change from my back pocket. Funny when he asked for all the change, which I thought was prolly less than the bunch of roses. I really did not get it when he asked for few roses back, and actually left her with only 3 roses (my pocket could have 8-ish quid). I did not intend to argue or fight for few coins, I just let it go. We had a laugh about the swindle, but here I am warning You about those guys, be careful, they smile cos they have to ;)


That’s it for tonight, shower and sleep, to be ready for tomorrow, as at 13:00 we catching a train to Florence, where new adventures awaits. Looking forward already.

With more news and reports, I’ll be back tomorrow evening/night. I promise ;)

For now on, cook some yummy pasta, put on the sound of the sea and book a holiday in Venice. I would recommend the February, when the carnival is here, but who said You can’t come more than once ;)

From it’s a good night and sweet dreams

See You later my friends ;)

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