Travelling – from city to city – Day 3

Hello my friends,

today was the day when we ended our tour around the Venice and moved to Florence for next 2 days. As You all read how amazing this was so far I met the shadow of all this shiny Jewell. Gang of pick-pocketers and few shady guys. Please please, if You ever get to big cities, or famous ones, always watch your luggage and wallets. There are people that will get every chance to get advantage of You. Sorry to say that, but last few hours in Venice were a bit disappointing, but I guess these kind of people will always find a way in such amazing place.

At 10 AM this morning, we checked out and moved slowly towards the train station. We did not live far from there so we had time to stop for a breakfast and enjoy one of the very last view over the Canal Grande before leaving Venice to Florence. Had a minute to stop at a shop to buy a present for my mum (ceramic carnival mask). A symbol of Venice.


When train finally arrived (we used Italo trains), everything was nice and clean inside, with few people travelling in same direction as well. Seen the train manager like twice in the whole 2 hours, but noone checked the tickets. Still, please, do not risk to travel without tickets, due to penalties and consequences. The ride was smooth, quiet, with working wifi on the train. Because I left UK without my headphones cos I thought, that they will be not needed, this is how I looked most of the time on train. ->


Also, when You using the toilets in the train, ask someone how the lock button works. I thought I locked the door as the button turned red after I pressed it, oh how surprised I was when someone visited me while using it :D #EmbarassedForLife

Weather in Florence was still quite hot when we arrived (25 degrees), so we went straight to the hotel, which is close to the station. From the very first look it looks ok. As soon as we went to the reception, we met our problem… Italian only staff ( we speak your language!!! Well, yeah, if You Italian :D :D ). Of course, if You have been in hotel before, You know the drill so we managed easily, got the key from the room (a bit bigger than titanic anchors) and went to drop off our bags there before we hit the city for the first time. We booked a room with shared bathroom, as the room on picture looked amazing. Well, when we opened the door, we found out there is a bidet in the room as well!!!! :O Also shower is on the other side of the building, but it’s ok, better than the previous hostel I would say.

So we hit the city…traffic is absolutely crazy compared to last 3 days, especially when You come from Venice, where are no cars, no lights, no crossings. Town look pretty normal to me, compared to any other city, but only until You get to the old buildings in centre. I can tell You, I made like hundreds of photos, but not one can tell a story about how colossal and majestic this buildings or statues really are.



I was shocked, in the positive kind of way. How can someone build such a building, thinking for how long it’s standing here. The precious details of architects every touch. Florence is a place to stay, a place to see. Gelaterias on every corner with very good ice-cream to offer, tho might be a bit over-priced (as expected if Your city is flooded by tourists so badly).


Architecture is amazing. We stopped for a while and thought how the people must feel in a city like this. When thousands of people disrupting you everyday life, when You commute to work or school. Imagine, when all the tourists go wooooow on everything, while You have to close the window cos of the noisy tourist never shut up while You doing your homework :D (just a thought aside :D )

Went to Ponte Vechio as well but made no photo there. Not that it wasn’t interesting, no way. Was nice, but somehow I got disappointed by the shops on the bridge. Gold everywhere :D You cant get anything else (maybe a selfie stick from shady seller :D) just gold, watches, diamonds.  On our way back from our small circuit, some huge action happen in front of us. Suddenly Carabinieri came from nowhere and blocked away a bridge. News cameras dropped by in a second. Nobody knew what was going on. First idea was that some danger might be there. So we had to walk around using another bridge as the one that was closed was on our way to a gallery. Traffic doubled for sure as one of the bridge and some roads were blocked by police so suddenly. We decided to use small side streets between old and very tall buildings, compared to Venice, to get where we wanted to go. A group of very elegant english people stood there with cops. Not being a pain, but curiosity made me to ask, what is going on. The cop did not even let me get closer to them, so he had to explain me :D With my no-italian and his level of english it sounds like Prince Charles and Camille are dropping by. You can imagine my face, when he said that. WHAT ARE THE ODDS!!!!! I would not travel to London (about 30 mins by train for me) to see royal family and now I have the opportunity to see them.


We have been moved from our position by police, tho I said I have ticket for that place :D (joking of course) but the amount of people absolutely ignoring the orders of the police was just unrealistic. When a man with a badge and a gun tells You not to go there, You should probably follow his orders. Especially when there is 20 more of them. So we sat there for while more, because I still thought it is fake and none of the royals will be here. Imagine the coincident. If we choose different bridge, different road, or if we just leave the scene without asking. And suddenly I appear so close to the Prince Charles and Camille. I was a bit happy, not that this was really somewhere on my bucket list, but I ticked it of on such a travel holiday. You cannot plan a thing like this. Wow.


What a day. :D Then we went slowly back to the hotel. Recapping the day, and how amazing it was in the end. On our way back we stopped in some gallery where an art was in progress. 2 women in the middle of hall where slowly moving to each other. Art right. Maybe they will meet in the middle by morning :D

So, back at the hotel, dinner in a pizzeria next to it (btw, amazing pizza :D just was not pre-cut as we are used to, so had to fight it with fork and knife) and glass of wine in the end.

What a day in Florence, looking forward what will tomorrow bring.

Good night my friends (actually good morning as I fell asleep in middle of writing and finished the article at 5 in the morning :D )

Also, I know I am not putting many pictures here, believe me I have tons, but I don’t want to over-spam the experience with too many photos. On the end of the trip I will chronologically upload them somewhere and will provide the link to access. Sorrryyy :(

I will be back with more this evening, I promised You that ;)

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