Last day in Florence – Day 4

Dear friends,


writing You way too late cos last night was…. amazing. Not only we walked the distance of the Earth equator, we also managed to conquer thousands of stairs. Ok ok, I don’t want to sound like a whining little kid. We have seen everything I swear. So take the day in chronological order. In the morning we went for a breakfast. It was..hmmm.. was ok, when You choose low cost hotel, You can’t really expect 5 menu breakfast. Bread, 5 different types of marmalade, honey, butter, cheese, apple juice, biscuits… as I am sayin, quite ok. As soon as we filled our stomachs, we hit the road. IMG_20170401_111824.jpg

We seen everything once again, without the breaks to stop and trying to understand, cos we still cannot :D and headed to the Basilica di Santa Maria Croce. There are burried not only the Saints (as in every big church) but it is also a grave for big names like: Galileo Galilei, Michelangelo, Dante Aligherio…etc etc. The information on the end of the tour, just to realise, that about half of the Basilica was submerged under the water, in big floods in 1966. You would not see any marks of damage. They recover nearly everything.


From there we decided to go uphill, to see the Michelangelo Piazzale. Must have been low oxygen up there, cos nearly blackened out :D (nah just kidding, but it was steep hill, only to realise, that there is a road on other side, with buses straight from the fron of our hotel :D ). In the middle of the square is huge statue of David, and around the square, numerous binocuars. From up there, You can see everything, if You ever felt like the buildings are big, from up there You realise, that the buildings are absolutely massive constructions.


My travel buddy mentioned how amazing it must be in the night, with all the lights on. But we did not feel like coming up the hill once again in the same day :D We (and I mean me :D ) started to feel hungry, so we decided to go down back to the city, to find some restaurant in a side street, to taste something italian. Somehow we decided for a chinese cuisine in the end. I know it’s not much italian, but she wanted to try noodles so badly, that I agreed (was starving by that time). They spoke english quite well, so we had no problem to order anything at all. I have to tell You about this, because if You ever decide to go to Florence, You have to eat there. The food was amazing. I had chicken with rice and dumplings, she tried tomato soup and chicken noodles. Small size mean a bowl for 2 I guess, cos the soup size was huge! Spent 19 Euros, and felt like I don’t need to eat for next 2 days. (except ice-cream, I always have a room for ice-cream :D ). Name was: Asian fusion restaurant, Via Camillo Cavour 23/R. They had a milktea/bubble tea as well, but wasn’t sure how my stomach would agree with my food choices, so I skipped on that one. Milkshake was fantastic. (I see I write more about food than about what I’ve seen :D ).


The time passed away quite fast today, so we started to make plans for evening. Bought few cans of italian beer in a Mini Mart (hard to find when need one, always there when do not need….usual) and started to look for a nice, quiet place wit nice view to enjoy a pint. The security of USA embassy was against our decision to stay there so we have to move again. We came to the end of the town (nearly), sit on a small wall, opened a can, when the dummiest idea seen the light of this world. Let’s go back to the hill, to see the Florence in the night. Stairs in mind and beer in belly. Well, okay, turned on the YOLO mode and we get on the road. Thinking about possible toilets options on the way :D We actually found a shortcut, with stairs of course, but steeper, so not that many. Was thinking, hmmm how many people have the same idea? Well, PLENTY!!! is the answer to that. Not really sure if all the teenagers there were tourist (which I doubt) but there were so many. I guess, they use the sport for socialising (if You know what I mean). There was a guy with a guitar playing old classics from Nirvana, Coldplay…everything, to top up the mood of amazing evening for everyone. The view was like the day view squared, or quadrupled. Here, enjoy the view (pic I made 5 sec before battery died on me)


Our beer session changed into her carrying and me drinking it. On a way back we stopped at PlayBar (it is the official name I swear) for a pannini. The waiter was nice, so I asked a question we were wondering for a while. How much snow You usually have here? He stare right through me for 5 minutes, like, WTF? :D :D When I repeated the question he turned into a guy I would like to have as a friend, cos he started to share his stories and said that he will bring me the beer he though is the best italian beer. He choosed same brand as I was drinking from the cans before (this is where the applause comes for me knew the beer :D ). 13 euros he said (for whole dinner, not only beer ofc!!) I gave him 15 and said its ok, cos I really enjoyed his stories, beer choice and him being so natural around people. It must have been very close to closing times, because as we starting to leave, I decided I want ice-cream on the way. He came back and took over the lady who was serving gelato there. I said I want three scoups/flavours. When I’ve seen he put already 5 scoups of blue on scone I did not really understand. We both ended up with so much ice cream in our hands I could not believe. This experience kept me smiling until we came back to the hotel (You know, me and food….it’s real!).


After we came back, we opened a bottle of Champagne we bought a day ago. Me already tired by several cans of beer, could not really finish my glass, turned laptop on to play some music and write my story for a day for You guys. Well, the music part went fine, but somehow…fell asleep through my blog (I AM SORRY OK????). So now I am back-writing, re-tracking our steps from yesterday :D

It was nice day, also a last full day in Florence, tomorrow Rome, with new adventures waiting for us, for lonely travellers, discovering the hidden treasures to most of us.

See You all guys later again, with more on-time reports ;)

Janosiiik ;)

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