Travelling intensifies – Day 5 and 6

My dear friends,

the travel/write schedule is getting out of control. But putting this in chronological order, everything will be explained.

DAY 5.

Waking up after amazing evening, packing stuff, getting ready to check out and wait for train, which we planned few hours later after check-out, in case we want to see some more of the city. What we did not think about is the luggage in our hands :D How foolish we were :D This way, the last walk around city turned into late breakfast in McDonalds close to train station. Was full of cops. Today is Fiorentina vs Bologna match. Football is a religion here. Realised that, when 3 packed buses full of Bologna fans passes by.

Time in the caffeteria was passing by slowly. Was counting every second. Finally! time to go to station, and get on train. Our ticket was for higher class seats than last time so we had more space, less people around. I didn’t know the difference when ordered them, now I will. Maybe :D On the way to Rome, I catched up with and article from previous day. Things getting so hectic, it’s unbelievable. Before we arrived to station, I managed to sort out meeting with Paolo. 8am… must be crazy :D All changed in the end. :D

Our Hotel is 5-10 minutes of walk from station, which saves a lot of time and money when it comes to transport to places You need to be. Hotel, looks like and old hotel bought by a guy who welcomed us there. Friendly, maybe too much as my friend says he tried to hug her. Well…awkward. But the look from our window….breath taking:


It is a Santa Maria Maggiore, the very first Pope residency. We did not waste a bit of time. Opened map…all look incredibly close to each other. I don’t know why but, maybe because we are used to walk for hours, we decided to walk, not to miss a single piece of art in this city. As soon we walked around this amazing Basilica, turned left, and 3 minutes later, the signature shape stood right in front of us.


The closer You are, the more You feel like nothing in this world. In next few days we spent a lot of time just to sit and watch this amazing coulisse of the antic theatre from ages long gone. Tourists as small as ants comparing to sizes of this buildings. Unbelievable. As I said, pictures can’t tell anything compared to what You can see when You physically there.

Today was a marathon in Rome as well. Most of streets were blocked from cars, so moving was much easier for pedestrians like us. So we walked and walked. Little stroll turned into heavy afternoon with 25-30k steps between sightseeing. Regret nothing my friends. Although I felt like we seen everything in one afternoon, I was wrong, still so many to come the next day, more closely, more detailed. We get back to the hotel quite late and after shower I just died straight away. Thought I’ll catch up with You guys in morning then.


DAY 6.

Woke up to sound of message from Paolo. Meet in hour in front of our hotel. In next hour plan changed like…5-6 times. :D In the end we met in front of Collosseum. Recognised him in the crowd, mate I know for ages, met him the first time. Inside I was happy like a little kid :D Then he took us for a private tour around Rome. Spanish stairs, Pantheon and plenty others which I wish I remembered the names of. We talked about history, living in Rome, people in Rome, everything. Later on, he had to go to work, so we went back to Collosseum, to get a ticket and start the discovery of good old times.

In front of Collosseum is plenty of people who advice You with the tickets, guides, skipping the lines and all this. One thing that noone tells You is: That every first Sunday in month it’s free entry everywhere!!!! and that You need extra ticket for underground to access special areas of Collosseum. We really like to learn the hard way :D



Collosseum was amazing, full of disrespectful kids, but amazing. The ticket is for Forum Romanum as well. The queue there is a bit longer than to Collosseum, but we managed under 30 minutes for sure. Spent next hours (yes, hours!!) there. So much to see, imagining everything You read is fascinating. For example, here between this collumns was standing a statue of god Saturn, size 5 meters or more:


In the end of the day we climbed on top of the hill (as always). The view…just wow! I let You to judge.


Nearly forgot, we managed to find a Rea, wolf mother to the Rome. Its very small statue, hidden behind a corner, hard to find if You don’t know where to look for.


The day was incredible, came back late night once again, had a can of beer on a way back and died as soon as we closed the door. Full of emotions from this city. Thinking, maybe I could move in here. Especially, as Italians are known for their short-fuse characters, to me, all look so calm, respectful, cool.

Maybe, maybe…we will see, what cards is the mystery of life holding in its hands.

Tomorrow, Vatican. Buzzing from expectations. Biggest basilica in the world.

Speak to You later guys. Have to rush, breakfast and hitting the road once again, camera charged, mind prepared..





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