Travel the Italy – Vatican – Day 7

My friends,

I am not going to lie to You. I am sure I was lucky to see only the good things of Rome, and somehow I was lucky to avoid the bad stuff. Places, people, everything… Today I skipped the breakfast as my stomach feels a bit funky for some reason. Our plan for today: Vatican!

We get out of the hotel, when my travel buddy said: It’s your day to navigate. Pfft, easy, with my new phone, that I got just a day before holiday, but for some reason that little thing led us in the opposite direction. So we jumped into underground, that goes straight to the destination of ours. Now, please, take notes. Street marking in Italy hurts. Hurts so bad I wanted to cry. Here is a street mark from 1AD and still think it’s better than the actual one :D


In Vatican it’s easy to orientate. Just follow the biggest Basilica in the world roof. On the way there You will see few other interesting buildings, but we met a guide/ticket staff who offered us a discount on guide if we hurry up. Well, first she asked if we are still students, which really complimented me (33 here :D). Long story short…we ended up following her to the office by the speed of light. Bad feeling of getting robbed, scammed, or God knows what. We reached the office with few other people waiting there. Paid and get on the route to meet wit other group of people waiting for us. On the way there, 2 already said that they can’t keep up, so that they are giving up. We met with the guide. Still having a weird feeling as the only thing I had was a little orange dot sticker on my t-shirt. Went inside easy, following the meeting point highlighted bu the guide-guy. Wait here, I go buy tickets. I smiled, as I thought I will never ever see him again :D Well, I was wrong. Good! Went to get an audio guide to hear him in the crowd. Another family dropped off because they need to catch a train. Why would You pay for a guide and tickets when You have to catch a train. Vatican is a day-long trip…at least. Guy in a t-shirt and jeans got a wide and deep knowledge, which I doubted when I’ve seen him the first time. Said a big thanks on the end of the route but do not skip ahead.


Inside of museum and Basilica it’s packed. And when I say packed I mean Superbowl tailgating packed, without the bbq and beer of course :D Statues, paintings, frescas…it all touch You deep inside. One of the carpet-like wall pictures took 15 years to make. There is like 20 of them just on the walls. The guards inside repeat only few words. Don’t stop here, Keep moving, SILENCE!, no photo. You can not make any photos or videos in Sixteens Chapel. Weird, but understandable. Also, there is not any refreshment on the way (at least I did not seen any) and the speed of Guide-guy is really fast. He said farewell before the San Pietro Basilica. Inside we went alone. It’s HUGE. And I mean huge huge. like massive.


The thing is, as an experience for a religious person, must be amazing, for me, commercialised business. 52 Euros to enter (skip line option), even inside they have the “offerta” boxes everywhere, and inside Pope museum is for another 5 Euros. Little souvenirs are a bit overpriced I would say, so my advice: If You really can survive without seeing the Vatican, come to the San Pietro square, to see the gigantic building, but skip the inside and You save yourself a dime. Oh, nearly forgot, if You don’t have a guide with skip the line option, You will spend hours in line. This line was to enter the Basilica:


I would say at the time we were leaving, some of them won’t even get in. Then we had lovely lunch in close pizzeria. Lasagne were ok, would return to have more to be honest. I guess it’s in every pizzeria, as it’s Italian national food :D

The rest of the day we were actually sorry for spending money on Vatican and not on Ufizzi Gallery in Florence. On the way back we walked by the river. It’s not as big as I am used to for a capital city rivers :D Started to rain so we get gelato and returned to hotel.

2 hours later I met my friends from 9Dragons, Paolo and Sarah, and went for a beer and food. In Rome Termini station is a food court with food from all over Italy. Enjoyed the Sicilly food (recommended, ref. ME).

Selfie with friends, huge thanks for their help and knowledge and happy to meet them again, next time in the south, or maybe if they come to UK.


Here, we are speaking italian (hence the fingers :D), before we say goodbye and I left to hotel, to sleep into a final day of our travel-trip.

Good night my friends,

See You again from the rainy place.



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