Trip is completed – Day 8

My friends,

this morning I woke up into a sad day. Knowing I have to return and leave this amazing place behind wasn’t a pleasant thought, so when travel to Italy, get ready for the return.

Morning passed by so fast. We checked out in last possible minute and slowly hit the road to the station. Train station was already buzzing with people rushing around, while we decided to drop off the luggage and walk around the old city for one last time. The line for luggage was long, so we queued up. About 5 minutes later we realised, that there is a ticket machine. About 15 other people took a ticket before us. That would move us straight on the end of the new line created. Extra 12 euros and You can skip the line. Well, I am not a big fan of waiting in queues, so I bought extra access. Our luggage was sorted in next minute. Great!! There was still a blank place on the map we did not cover before, so the decision where to go was simple. We discovered a nice park, with palms, and shadows to hide from already high temperature (sorry, I work in chilled area, everything is high for me :D ). Visited close church as well and start walking back to station. We had a lunch close to Colloseum. Spaghetti. Finally. After a week in Italy, I finally ate proper italian pasta dish. The food was great. Fast 20 min nap afterwards would be the best to follow. :D About 2 road crossings later, we sat down in front of Santa Maria Maggiore, to enjoy last sun before summer and spent our last hours in Italy filled with nice view over the basilica, amazing italian street architecture and people living there.


Decided to go for earlier bus to airport in case that something will go wrong. You never know, what could happen. The bus trip was fast and quiet (I asked the girl selling tickets twice to make sure I am going to the right Airport as the bus had no marks about the destination :D). Rome Ciampino airport is small sized, so there is not much to see or shop for. Definitely not the coffee from machine :D My travel friend bought a coffee there. It was super-mini sized. Well, I was entertained for next few minutes :D Getting on the plane was….usual. People blocking others, first-timers scared of situation walking in every direction, usual Ryanair flight :D

Only few minutes after take off, we’ve seen the coast. It looked amazing. The whole flight was along the coast, so we’ve seen the beautiful nature Italy offers. Could not believe the week passed by so fast. A bit to the north I made a photo of the Alps. They still have snow there.


Been a bit exhausted so fell asleep for while. When i woke up and looked out of the window I’ve seen this (You can guess where we were :D )


The whole Great Britain lied under a layer of this “lovely” grey duvet. First thought was: I want to go back to Italy!!! :D

Well, landed at 19:45. Outside was so cold I had to get my jacket out and head to the passport line. Luggage, taxi, home, shower, shop. Baking pizza at 22:00 ended up with the only one result. Half-burned :D Hunger was strong, so even burned parts tastes delicious. Fell asleep shortly afterwards. Was heavy 8 days I have to say.


To summarize: If You have time and money, definitely go to Italy. It’s a place that would leave a big mark in Your memories. Venice, Verona, Florence, Rome. Sitting here wishing I am still there. But!!!! If You are more food oriented than history, focus on south of Italy. Food is cheaper and taste much more better (been told from friends coming from Sicily.) To answer one question if I would do it again, the answer is easy: HELL YES!!! but again, don’t forget Uffizi in Florence!!!! One day I will return to visit inside as well.


I am hope this little travel blog helped You to decide to go (or not) to Italy. It was a pleasure and fun to report with my own experiences to You guys. Even more happy for You who return back to read the day after day.

Now, I will be silent for a week, as my schedule is packed with hundreds different tasks.

But very soon, I will be back with great news (“HINT”).

Until then,





P.S. I promised You guys the link with all the photos I made on the trip. Its a folder with under 500 photos on

Hope You would like it ;)

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