Holidays are over….

My friends,

tho I have returned few days ago, (and still regretting I returned at all :D) I stayed home for few more days as I had a kitchen to finish. All calculated ;)

When I woke up this morning and called my work to find out I still have one more day of holidays, I could not be more happy :P. Went to gym, ate like king…. or queen, not sure now :P, collected my new vision (sykes, yap, now I have to wear glasses. On one side it’s not a good thing for me, on other side… I see 4K HD again :D ). World is beautiful once again. I went to see my friend as well, played some League and now sitting here re-capping my last few days with bottle of wine.

So, after we returned, and I went to gym in the morning, I messaged my travel friend, that I like her (a bit more than just a friend). Well, she did not said anything about it, but her sudden relocating to other friend house said it all. Well, bit sad (broken, crushed, empty…choose what fills in better :D) left here. Not first, nor last time I guess, so with gym, wine and new kitchen I am getting over silent treatment :D Cool. Prolly lost a friend…well… life goes on I guess.

So, we made an amazing kitchen… haha, blowing my own pipe maybe…. tbh, I did not expect it to show that nice as it turned out in the end. few pics to prove, that I am not exaggerating:

Before: (when old kitchen was removed and new floor laid down)


And after: (not 100% finished!!!)


Just have to tell You, it’s not 100% finished, as the tilling need to go in place, new kitchen hood over the hob and few shelves in the open corner. But the color combination is nice. I will add the video as soon as it will be finished (2 weeks plus as owner went for holiday now :S).

Oh, and we might get an associate to our company. Close friend from Sheffield is buying a pizzeria and we might open showroom in adjacent building. Maybe I will move there in the end. Heard that they have 2 Ice hockey teams and volleyball team as well. Yay. :D

Also, 2 weeks from now we have semifinal match in Rucanor Cup, so if we win, we are in finals!!!!  Would be nice, to get the trophy. Will see, I will report with that for sure ;)

Ok, time to go to sleep I guess. 2 weeks of holidays are gone, feelings very mixed and next days off so far away……

…now the hard work starts….

See You soon my Friends,



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