Reality check

It’s dark midnight, MSI from Brasil on Twitch and me just realizing this is first time, when I can actually rest a bit since my holiday….month ago. Time is passing by so fast when You are busy with work, schedules, loads of voluntary work and also question of regrets of my own personal life :D Sometimes I feel I am the broken product, that is usually sent to TK MAXX for sale :D

Nevermind… :D

Well….getting back to work tempo was absolutely ridiculous :D after 8 days in Italy of having only the nicest duties, it was well hard to get back into stressing environment of our little debrief office. Still catching myself dreaming about things…what if.. or so :D

Anyway…. because I loved Italy trip so much, I am planning my little trip to Sweden to see northern lights, few friends and if I won’t forget I’ll google for more things to see there ;) but this is more like a long term goal.


Because, After holiday we finished a kitchen for one customer (who is very happy about what we done with it). We also managed to get kicked out of the Rucanor tournament due to low number of players for match…..Well….. who schedule semifinal match for wednesday evening, when most of us are full-time working players, and they give You about 5 days to organize the whole team to come….Obviously, we did not managed that. We could only forget about the finals… which was maybe good, as the same day as finals there is another one-day tournament in Southend..Tachikara Cup…..which we dominated…

tachikara cup

Well, doing unpopular sport brought a lot of jokes about the waitress plate I am holding on the picture, but I am proud of it. As a proud member of one of the best team in Essex county, while joining the volleyball circus once again after more than 12 years away from it. I guess I still got it…. ;)

So, this happening last weekend, I was looking for more rest…… sadly, had to return back to kitchen to sort out some little things (electricity was funky, same as changing some panels for different colour)

My plans went….You know… down the hole :D Right now I have about 3 days to buy trainers for this Sunday. Nuclear Mud Race! Only one day off in many working days and I am going to spend it in the mud flapping around like a seal, trying to reach the finish… :D :D And that’s not enough… Me and my 2 colleagues (bike fans) decided to do Tour De Essex…101 miles around Essex…

The only problem is, I am not a road cyclist… :D I am freestyle – Bike-Trial guy….. who is buying bike this week and starting to practice for September (if I won’t reply after the tour…I am dead :D) Also thinking to make it a charity run as well… so will see. First… do not drawn in the mud :D then plan ahead :D

Also my beautiful friend from Italy is not talking to me much these days :P after I told her I like her…. guess I am really broken :D

Hahahaha… well…. expectation, my friends, is horrible thing…

Also…starting to study SEO…well…study…online academy with some SEO course program.. as I am planning to totally change my life, career and maybe one day travel and work the same time. But that is more like day-dreaming right now and the path is thorny and long right now…..

And maybe not… as the guy we did kitchen for is in the kitchen business and said if we give him the kitchen doors catalog, they might buy doors only from us… so, here we go sleepless nights, photoshop try-hards and hopefully…good results in the end…. :P wish me luck… might need it more than red-bull :D :D :D

Sorry for lack of pics and photos… but the GoPro I ordered has been cancelled,,,, so waiting for refund and then order somewhere else…  then the text will get more lively ;)

Get ready for my report from Mud run….


until then….



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