We did it my friends…

Hello again.

Last weekend was Nuclear Race. I am always so excited about this event as it not really test me, but brings a lot of experience You won’t get into in normal (real) life. Face deep in muddy water, zip lining into dirty cold lake (when not chased by terrorists or wild animal of course :D). Was fun. Can’t say the same about Monday, when my body just refuse to wake up. And to be honest…I am still kinda sleepy/tired. I think that I burned so much calories and now lacking to catch up as I am constantly hungry these days. Anyway, we did it, already looking for the next one in September.

ready to roll

Nice and clean….which did not stay like this for long, hence the finish photo :D :D :D


Well, race was nice. In the end I wasn’t even hungry due to the amount of dirt I ate on the course…. Only thing I really hate about this place is: NO SHOWERS!! You only get a weak one to rinse the big mud down, rest You take home :D Took me 2 SEPARATE SHOWER SESSIONS to get out clean-ish. Even my clothes were washed faster than me :D

Oh, and this year I wanted to pull cool move on Death Slide… well….I didn’t :D (check it out)…


Hint: me on the very right side looking like sacrificing myself to Volcano God :D

Anyway, as always after this race we plan the next one in September. BUT!!!! Must be a middle age crisis or something, I feel like I want to challenge every sport event in local area. So I signed up for 101 miles cycle race around Chelmsford aka Tour De Essex. Not to mention that I am a freestyle/Biketrial guy, and my road racing bike is still in mail on my way to me. So preparations and race will be funny.

Now back to the BUT!!! The race is held at 17th of September, and Nuclear Race on 16th. I am in big dilemma if I should challenge myself to die or not to die and do both or skip September mud run, which I really don’t want to skip… :( Well, I’ll try to do both, and stay alive the same time tho :D

That’s so far how the life is going on…Volleyball trainings finished with seasons end which is sad because people gets better in off-season not during but well… once we rule Essex (hahaha we wish), we do not need to have extra training.

Oh oh, just remembered, as we won the cup few weeks ago, we did it into our newspapers!!!!! Yeeeee, got spammed (ok ok like 10-20 people were surprised to see me on title page of the papers, still cool for me ;))

Volleyball Newspaper.jpg

So, so far so good :D Soon I’ll be in touch with the update on how my road cycling is going on. I am hell scared of going from 60 mm wide tyres to 15-20mm ones. I will crash a lot I guess :O

See You later my friends, hopefully very soon ;)



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