Back once again…

Hello blog!


Logged in and realized it’s been such a long time since I’ve been here… There is so much to tell You, and still feel like it’s all the same as before.

Where to start, where to start… Ofc, update on why so late. Well, got promoted a bit in the office, and working unbelievable hours these days (read “months”), hardly finding time for myself. Well, not in that way :D I mean in a way that I will just lay back and relax. And today on a way from work, while cycling in the rain, listening to the sound of the clicking freewheel, got the idea that today it will be my evening/night. Bottle of wine, vocal trance to mellow the rain on window atmosphere and play the real me string. Skipped on league match invitation to write this piece.

Since last time, I have 2 new bikes :D as I am going to be a part of September race, just to prove myself, I am as good as Sagan (oh I wish :D ). Yesterday they trimmed the bushes…so injured my finger while trying to sort out my puncture on crotchett rims. They are pain, but so sexy :D

To be honest, did not play much League lately as was working nearly 6 days a week every week, omg I skipped the gym for nearly 2 months now, but good news! tomorrow I am back in gym, but this time, we go beast mode. Clean eat, train dirty and go big. Progress will be monitored by insta and fb to show how much I can cheat on my own decisions :D

Yeah, hmmm, thinking what else happened… oh yeah, asked the crush to go out sometimes…..well, did not go as planned :D :D (who cares right? :D )BUT BUT!!!! biggest surprise was last weekend!!!! Was invited to a office do in London (yeeee), but has been cancelled due to planning or distance I don’t know tbh. So they decided to keep it local in nice and cozy pub. 1 day off, but was my birthday so I promised I will come. Girls surprised me soooo much!!! I can tell, it was one of the best B-day party in years. Drinks, dance and I think I can tell friends, not only colleagues. I was so excited, cos I really did not expected that. Even got a CAKE!


Was amazing!

Well, monday wasn’t that happy and fun as most of us suffered from hangover, but did it through the day :D

For me, hell yeah worthy! :D

Oh oh, let me one more party pic… ;)


Sorry for the potato quality, but even if You have one of the best camera on the phone, if the phone holder is drunk, photo will be…this :D

Well, great party….

Next…. back to reality, one year older, after hot shower to warm myself up after the rain and wine in my hand, thinking… if I am not getting too old for this.

Wait, change of music, as I am getting too soft here :D

Sorry for long boring post ;)

But next month should be full of gym mornings, League stream evenings and maybe (maybe is a key word here) I will finish my driving license finally and will become a full version of adult (doubt that tho)

For now I am off to sleep to provide a gym picture in the morning to start a path of “no pain, no gain”. :D

….feel the pain already :D

That’s all from me my friends for now

and see You soon (sooner, i promise!!!!!!!)


Janosiiik ;)

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